Latex mattress production:

Latex mattresses are one of the leading types of mattresses. If you are wondering how it produces, here we will give a quick process.

Once the resin of the rubber tree is collected and purified, the latex mattress can be produced. There are different methods to obtain a latex sheet for a mattress, as many as there are companies that currently produce latex mattresses; all these have the first phase in common, namely mixing with chemical additives that will then help the liquid compound to solidify.

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Let’s look at the two historical methods for the production of the latex mattress:

Dunlop method:

The method involved mixing the liquid latex so that the air entered the compound, so as to form a foam, which was then transported in a mold (first in wood than in metal) and later in a special oven; where the foam solidified. The slab obtained was then washed to remove any liquid latex residues and other contaminating components. Finally, the latex mattress thus obtained was dried. The Dunlop method made it possible to create mattresses of any shape and thickness, thanks to the ease with which the molds could be replaced.

To make this process even more effective, a review of the components used to make the latex foam was also necessary. The result is a new type of latex, better than all the previous ones, as well as a significantly reduced energy expenditure of the plants. The production process consists of 8 different steps:

Production of latex foam, mixing latex with additives and air;

A spill of the compound in the mold;

Vulcanization of the compound with the Core process;

Plate washing to remove liquid and dirt residues;


Cutting to remove burrs and excess latex;

Quality control and technical characteristics;


This is how latex mattresses produce.