Things to know about Pocket springs and Memory foam mattresses:

The bagged spring, unlike the traditional biconical spring, has a simple cylindrical shape. It is a very normal spring with a dress. This allows each individual spring to respond to the thrust more effectively (compared to the orthopedist with biconical springs) to the body when lying down.

It is recommended by physiotherapists for its dynamism in responding to the weight and body shapes, indicated mainly for those with post-traumatic rehabilitation needs. The biconical springs and the pocketed springs can be used in various sizes, reducing their diameter, they considerably increase the quantities also generating an incidence on the cost.

Remaining on the bagged spring we have a superior system and therefore for the same quantity/quality of springs,, it is always advisable to go on a bagged spring due to its ability to respond more fully to the needs of the body. Often other materials are used together with the springs to prevent the springs from feeling on the back.

The combination is made with other materials and with other types of springs. For example, the springs can be coated with wool or wrapped in a technical fabric so that the spring does not go too far on the body. Combined with memory or another layer of micromole, they make the reception to the body and rest more efficient. Usually, spring mattresses are not suitable for electrical networks, therefore for nets that have a movement, both for the head and for the feet or both, other types of mattresses are recommended. If you are in search of more information on pocket spring or any other mattresses, do not miss to visit our site –

 Memory foam mattress:

The Memory Foam mattress, with a visco-elastic characteristic, is a mattress that comes from the technological study of NASA developers to make the astronauts’ rest comfortable in space programs. The characteristic that differentiates it from other materials used in producing mattresses is the feeling of lack of gravity.

In fact, thanks to the heat we give, it is modeled according to the shapes of the body. Therefore it is also called thermosensitive material. Memory is also considered a low resilience material. Characteristic that makes it resistant to breakage, it follows that on contact there is a sensation of softness and not rigidity. This last feature together with the ability to “model itself” makes the mattress able to take the form of the bas-relief of the body in any position it takes during sleep.